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As I laid down within maybe 2-3 minutes I started feeling very lightweight and feeling like I am floating in up in the air. Seeing ocean and earth below, my body constantly shivering. First, my hands and then both arms slowly moving up, rising off the bed completely like wings and staying like that thru the whole session (an hour!). My body feels weightless. Suddenly I start seeing images of my deceased father and grandfather, they are pleased to see me, telling me not to be sad, because they are finally together and happy now. Then I see my 2 best friends together with my cousin, all of whom died young. We hug and I start crying because I feel guilty for not being able to save them from sicknesses. They tell me not to be sad because they are happy where they are now and not in pain any longer, they ask me to go on living my life for them. Then I feel like I am still floating upward and suddenly I get a clear message: "You Are Loved!" I ask: Is that YOU? Do You really exist? Answer: YES!!!j I start crying so much, cannot stop as more messages just keep coming: "You Are Loved! Love Others! Share Love! Compassion! New You!" Then I feel that my third eye opened up and Crown chakra started expending and receiving light.

Thank you, dear Grace, for this amazing experience that I will never forget!!! 

With Love, Nelly.

Gracie is indeed a Healing Angel with an amazing bright Sacred Fire in her heart. Her love and dedication to everyone who needs her is simply beyond imagination. She loves! She Heals! She Lights up the entire Planet Earth and the entire Universe with her Divine energy. Her teachings are simply amazing. Being in her Presence is a gift. I am deeply grateful to my Divine Creator for allowing me this beautiful experience to know Grace who is love and light is a Loving Healing Angel!
Isa Jasmine 2013-10-30 20:55:54

Grace creates a wonderful atmosphere of Angelic presence in her healing sessions. See you next week Grace, and thanks for your caring and encouragement!
Patrick Kelly 2013-08-12 15:32:46

I've known Grace for a couple of years now, and I’m happy to see her doing well in her 1st anniversary of her Sanctuary. Congratulations!! I recently had my first Crystal bed Healing session. I have to say it helped me a lot, emotionally and physically, I felt as if some weight had been removed from me and I felt very peaceful afterwards. Grace's intuition and that of the angels is pretty accurate. Throughout the session I could feel her interest in helping me heal and grow, for her warmth I'm very thankful and looking forward to seeing her again. Great experience!!
Pedro Lopez Carrera 2013-08-06 12:28:53

Very Generous. Calming and inspiring. Grace is such a calming and generous person. What a gift she has. Amazing!
Marguerite Rathbone 2013-07-16 17:59:19

Grace you were like nothing I ever experienced! I am coming again soon! you are a miracle and a gift to all of us. with much love and appreciation----
 Lara Magallon 2013-07-09 09:22:09

I think not any word can describe how glorious of the job she is doing. She is sacrificing portions of her life for others to get healed through Terra Angels. She has the power and kindness and through her sacrificing, she just loves to provide better life and health for others no matter whoever they are. God bless you Grace and may Divine entities keep you for us.
Saeid Sarir 2013-07-03 14:42:38

I don't know where to begin but I must express my gratitude first and foremost to Mrs. Grace, my reverend of love and peace, my spiritual leader and mentor. She has personally helped me in all aspects of my life. My life has really changed for the better ever since I have met her. God has truly blessed me by allowing me to meet one of his angels. She is loving, caring, advising, honest, and so selfless towards her patients. I have never met anyone like her and am so happy and blessed to know her. She is a saint and I hope you too have the chance and honor of meeting her. Thanks again Mrs. Grace, I love you! A divine angel on earth!
Saloomeh Sarir 2013-06-13 13:28:31

Grace is a beautiful and pure soul; her healing is amazing since it comes directly from the angels. Upon entering the sanctuary (her office), one immediately feels the powerful but peaceful divine energy. Grace is a gifted healer with a pure heart. She is the 'real deal' and I cannot recommend her enough. I love my healing sessions with her and know that she brings incredible divine energy with her. I am blessed to have her in my life. Incredible healing!
Tamara L. Goldsby 2013-06-02 14:22:34

Grace is a divine soul, who gives of her gifts and talents selflessly. I have been visiting her for about a year now, and she has been a priceless healer and counselor in my life. Not only is the crystal healing bed a powerful force to release blocked energy (along eith Grace's focused Reiki), but I have never met someone as in-tune with the angels as she. With her intuitive gifts, she is able to direct her intervention and provide advice and clarity to situations that is much more efficient and transformative than other conventional forms of healing. I have not referred a friend that has not had a pleasant or transformative experience. Grace and her services are truly a gift to humanity. Truly a Divine Healing!
Katie Virant  2013-05-15 18:24:21

It began with me feeling unsettled and a little trouble quieting my mind, which quickly passes. Was "told" all would be fine. 2- I noticed the presence of my Mom, her love & telling/asking that I go see her sister next week & share her love. Had been debating whether to go or not. Wonderful, happy, filling sensation. Remember smiling. 3- Sensing a cup of liquid tea (?) lifted to my lips. I smiled thinking in the rush, I had forgotten to drink it. (Afterwards you told me you were given the message for me to drink 9 glasses of water) and beautiful messages from my mom 4- Totally immersed in the color purple - like a cloud, tingling sensation over whole body. Seem to last a while. Hands & fingers felt several sizes bigger & full as though being blown up like a balloon. Grace, again thank you for an amazing healing experience! We are looking forward to see you Monday! I have given your contact info to many of our friends & acquaintances. Thank you Grace for be in my life.  Amazing Experience!
Sylvia, Oceanside 2013-04-14 06:43:16

Thank you Grace Mukta for the services you provided to myself and my family. My son is another person now. After an addiction to drugs for more of 7 years, now is completely clean for 6 months and just get approved to University of Santa Barbara. You are an angel in our lives!
Lourdes Melendez 2013-04-09 07:28:39

Dear Grace, My Shamanic Healing sessions were truly amazing!
​Connie 2014-01-24

I just finished my Shamanic healing sessions with Grace. I am very grateful for the much needed rejuvenation experience. The sacred sanctuary is so peaceful and the healing is out of this world. --I loved each moment!
​Marcella from Orange County

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