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Forgiveness Ceremony (Releasing the Past for a Blissful Present) 

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Spiritual Healing Services

Shamanic Healing Transformation

Take a spiritual journey in either one of Grace Mukta's Sanctuaries of Divine Love (Encinitas or Oceanside, California). Treat yourself to a very Private Spiritual Healing that will transform your outlook on wellness and life. These unique and private self-discovery healing sessions are restorative, relaxing, deeply engaging, insightful, freeing, and utterly life affirming.

Change is forever present among us and within us. Whether it is by force or by choice; such change should ideally promote positive growth and personal development in our lives. The Shamanic Healing Transformation will help you reflect on your particular situation and on how these changes can be directed to improve your quality of life.

A Shamanic Healing Transformation  with Grace Mukta is uniquely and ideally set up for major healing insight, self-discovery and life-transforming realizations as well as supportive nurturing direction in an extraordinary and enchantingly private and divine Sanctuary. Enjoy a profound insight that naturally occurs in such an exclusive personalized retreat where you have the time and space to reconnect with someone utterly special:YOU!

​A Shamanic Healing Transformation is a direct-experience; it is a training spiritual healing for those who want to experience the mystical alchemy of transforming life conditions, wounds, fears and mixed emotions into a soulful adventure of self-healing by gaining access to your own inner guidance, true awakening and peace of mind.

This four-session Shamanic Healing Transformation (divided into 1 day per week in 2 hour sessions for a total of 8 hours) provides you with the opportunity to look inward and deepen your connection with body, mind and soul. Through guided meditation you will identify areas of your life that no longer benefit you as you learn how to remove them or put them to rest. You will also learn to not only let go of external negativity, but to recover the energy you spent stressing about it. Through this reflective time of wellness, you will re-establish your values and foster them in your life.These rejuvenating healing sessions are created to be life-changing. They will help you make positive improvements in your life and personal outlook so you regain the inner strength and confidence to take on life's daily challenges. You will re-establish your connection to mother earth in a sacred and peaceful environment and with it, the love that comes from being one with nature. This transformation will open the door for what you want to bring into your life and envision in your future. Everyone who has participated in a Shamanic Healing Transformation with Grace Mukta has walked away with a renewed awareness of their innate wholeness and their larger Calling of Soul.

​Each Shamanic Healing Transformation is exclusively designed to suit your specific needs. Grace Mukta will meet with you on the first day and, after a true Divine Angelic Connection, she will be inspired and guided to perform the activities and healing sessions for that precise moment in your life; the Private Healing Sessions with Grace Mukta will facilitate a transformative mind-body connection; Qi energy principles will be explained; the Endocrine Glands System and the importance of the Chakras in our life with practice sessions will allow you to experience the flow of energy within yourself. You will learn simple exercises using yoga postures and Qi-gong to circulate and distribute energy. A detailed introduction to the Chakra System will give you an understanding of how to directly communicate with your heart and soul. The Divine Healing Sessions with Grace Mukta will include but will not be limited to 4 Crystal Bed sessions (45 minutes each). All necessary materials will be provided. 

 Call us today at (760) 688-2233 or email and register right away!

Who Attends the Shamanic Healing Transformation? 

•    People at a crossroad or significant life transition (i.e. midlife crisis or the midlife rite of passage; a troubled relationship or career changes and loss; grief; recovery from disease; feelings of emptiness, loss of meaning and connection to Self, heart, and spiritual Source);

•    those seeking inner vision, spiritual renewal, and clarity of purpose;

•    those who have "tried everything" but are still stuck, yet willing to overcome all obstacles;

•    those ready to break through the ego's intellectual analysis and realize the genius of Life's dance from true presence

•    those who want to work privately and do not wish to be distracted or lost in a large group;

•    those who seek the special mirroring relationship and guidance of a spiritual teacher, based on sacred apprenticeship and the alchemy of spiritual awakening through direct experience with a teacher;

•    people experiencing "their darkest moment" or in the confusing terrain of egotist dissolution and spiritual awakening;

•    high profile professionals and celebrities who need a completely anonymous and privately-guided place to recharge and reconnect to their vision and well-being;

•    healers, physicians, nurses and life coaches ready to deepen their intuitive capacities and practice;

•    those who have lost their sense of spiritual connection, healthful balance, and meaning and who deeply wish to regain a feeling of soulfulness and meaningful direction in their lives. 

Those who have experienced this Shamanic Healing Transformation with Grace Mukta universally say that they have gained more insight and lasting positive life changes in such a short time than from years of psychotherapy, group workshops or other healing methods!

The alchemy that naturally emerges from Shamanic Healing Transformation with Grace Mukta is that of total inner reflection and creative breakthrough with the help of a true guide to shine a light on your own inner way and wisdom. 

Major transformation does not always happen overnight. Therefore, we offer you several options to choose the spiritual healing that best suits your personal needs and that will give you the tools and knowledge to create the life you expect and deserve.

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