Grace Mukta's Healing Sanctuaries (Encinitas and Oceanside, CA)are the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate yourself under her divine and blissful guidance. 

Healing Therapy Favorites

Crystal Bed Chromotherapy

Our fabulous 60 minute Brazilian Crystal Chromotherapy will clear and balance your chakras. You will feel totally rejuvenated!

Personalized and Group  Healing Sessions

Choose the kind of healing session(s) that best suit(s) your needs to rekindle that love and  magical affinity with your Higher Self under the spiritual guidance of Rev. Grace Mukta.

Meet Grace Mukta

​​Rev. Grace Muktas studies and unique experience have earned her the titles of metaphysical doctor, angelologist, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master, Divine Energy Master Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, nutritional expert in raw and alkaline diets, spiritual counselor, writer and spiritual teacher.

Graces eclectic approach to healing blends deeply rooted Shamanism with many years of experience as a vibration healer as well as a psychic channel to relay important messages from the angels and ascended masters. Her innate gifts to channel divine healing energy and to provide spiritual counseling has inspired and supported transformative healing in her clients.   

As a spiritual leader, counselor and inspirational speaker,Grace Muktaputs love into action. She inspires and assists people to make life choices that are aligned with their passion, purpose and virtues. She has the power and divine gift to shift people's focus from their heads to their hearts when speaking on divine purpose and prosperity and teaching the universal principles of the omnipotence of unconditional love, unconditional compassion and unconditional forgiveness. 

Personal and Professional Background

Grace remembers having the gift to commune with angels and divine spirits ever since she was a little girl. Her Grandmother, Rosa de Cozensa, was a very well-known Shaman in Argentina who had visitors come from bordering countries in South America to receive healing. Starting at the very tender age of five, Grandmother Rosa would bring Grace to witness her healing sessions. Once Grace turned thirteen, Grandmother Rosa taught her her divine healing techniques during 3-4 hours every Sunday, for approximately three years before she passed.

After reading the 'Autobiography of a Yogi' by Paramahansa Yogananda, Grace developed a very profound interest for Yoga and she enrolled In the Yoga Institute of Pantanjali in Argentina where she obtained her license as a yoga instructor after 500 hours of devoted study and arduous practice.  She then began to give conferences on Yoga in Colombia, Venezuela and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Grace was rewarded for her dedication and effort by being named the Chief Administrator for La Gran Fraternidad Universal (the Universal Great Brotherhood), a non – profit organization based on Yoga as a way of life.


She founded the Tecoteca Yoga Institute, one of the most famous and successful Yoga Institutes in Caracas, Venezuela. In the early beginning, she was the only yoga instructor, thus, taught all 8 classes of yoga per day during the first two years to keep the Institute running. She obtained the recognition for her merits and numerous awards from the Yoga Alliance in Caracas, Venezuela.

She came to the United States in 1978 to be closer to Paramahansa Yogananda's Self Realization Fellowship where she worked in the Los Angeles Headquarters Ashran in Mount Washington for seven years while becoming a Kriyaban in 1982. She continues to be an active Devotee faithfully following and practicing Paramahansa Yogananda's Teachings.

During these wonderful years of learning and transforming Enlightement, there were also very trying and painful life experiences; after one such trying experience, Grace had a transforming spiritual inwardness when Jesus came to her and, after helping her deal with her own pain, told her that she had been blessed with the gift of healing hands and that she henceforth needed to share such blessing with people in need of healing, thus validating her work in Divine Healing.  

She conscientiously and religiously began her study of energy and angelic healing by traveling to Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia to receive further training under advanced shamans and healers. 

More recently, Grace went on a pilgrimage to visit John of God at the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiania-Goias, Brazil. In that initial pilgrimage, Grace was approved by John of God to provide Chromotherapy with the “Crystal Bed” to all those in need back in California and was also invited to become an Official Tour Guide for future pilgrimages to the Casa de Dom Inácio.

On her third pilgrimage, she was also honorably designated as an official Mediumof the Casa de Dom Inácio and Daughter of The Casa by John of God in Brazil. On her last pilgrimage to Brazil in 2013, she was guided by the Entities of the Casa to share her knowledge in Ancient Traditions on the Sacred Science of Yoga. 

Grace Mukta now provides a  myriad of healing services at the Sanctuary of Divine Love located in Southern California and has solidified her reputation as an Angelic Channel and Divine Energy Master Healer.

In 2006, Grace became an active member and helper during AMMA's trips to Los Angeles by serving as a coordinator to pilgrims with special needs. In recognition to her devoted deliverance, AMMA (the Hugging Saint) gave Grace her spiritual name: MUKTA.



" ​​​I have been blessed with the exceptional opportunity to carry out this mission, although it has not been an easy path. However, the choice to follow my Soul's Truth has graced me with the abundance of Freedom that has granted me a truly surprising maturity of insight for guiding others on the spiritual path. 

I find that I have been gifted with the ability to see each person’s unique creative genius - and to help guide those who are ready and called to break through the stagnant bonds of the conditioned mind and discover their own inner truth and Freedom of Being.

​What sacred alchemy awaits these magical and life-changing relationships dedicated to our own unique life experiences, traumas, hopes, dreams, and innate genius as an artisan of life!

​I genuinely look forward to hearing from you if or when you are called more deeply to your soul's unique living presence!"

​​In Divine Recognition,

Grace Mukta