Divine  Couples'  Sessions

"Rekindle that love and  magical affinity with your twin soul

under the spiritual guidance of the Divine channel 

 Grace Mukta."

The constant stress of today’s pragmatic world can have a devastating negative effect on any relationship. This ever-growing problem became one grave concern forGrace Mukta who inspired by the Divine created a personalized and unique couples' retreat for both married and non-married couples to gently and lovingly direct them in rekindling their divine relationship!
​Her insightful connection with kindred spirits allows her to tune into their souls and recognize the symptoms and root of the imbalance.​When heart and soul are given time to realign with a spiritual healing weekend retreat, then bodies and minds will follow… all that is needed is a little nudge to confront the issues that have been building up inside. If you are in need of help to get to the heart of your relationship and revive the love that initially brought you together or if a spiritual rejuvenation in your relationship has been in the planning and is long overdo, then a couples’ retreat with​Grace Muktais a perfect choice for you. She will tailor a blissfully private retreat just for the two of you after connecting with you on a heart-to-heart conversation. She will explore the issues in your life to determine the best way to help you and your loved one, and she will provide you with the tools you need to rediscover the life you want to live and enjoy!. As you surrender into their loving care, you’ll feel the tensions and resentments melt away; they will guide you to get to the heart of what’s going on with you and your partner so that when you step back into your busy life, the loving flame will keep on blazing!

​Please call: (760) 688-2233for an appointment or email natalie@gracemukta.comand register right away

Any information provided to Grace Muktawill be kept strictly confidential in accordance with traditional therapeutic governing rules of professional conduct (unless a high risk or danger to self or others becomes apparent). I will not share your specific and personal information with anyone in any form except when occasionally extracted into completely anonymous format for published contemplative articles or adapted to conceptual examples as part of my inquiry, writing, and book work. No name will ever be attached to any shared content except where you personally have given your express written consent or are making a testimonial regarding my work which may be published in my website for such purposes only — and for which I would be forever grateful.

​I likewise request and expect that you do not ever share or publish my personal correspondence with you outside of your immediate circle of family/friends and for your own personal usage, without my expressed written consent. You will receive a customary release & disclosures document and questionnaire to read and sign at the time we begin our work together.